How To Overcome Fear and Be Confident

How To Overcome Fear and Be Confident
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Are you ready to be confident in yourself and discover how to overcome fear?

In real life, many people consider planing their goal to change for the better. However, most of them failed before they give a chance for success because of fear. If there is something holding back people from achieving their success in life, that’s fear. I believe everyone encounter fears from time to time. Some are afraid of failure, that is the reason and prevent you to taking action from achieving what you desire.

If you are one of them who afraid of failure and lack of confidence in yourself, today I have good news for you. You can overcome them just by mastering some techniques to manually control your mindset.

We can learn how to use fear and utilize it to get an advantage rather than having the fear of using us and immobilize us.

How to overcome fear

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Be confident in yourself and step out from the comfort zone

When you gonna to start a business but you’re too afraid to go for 100% and turn your dream into reality. You want to approach that man or woman that you find attractive, but you’re too afraid of rejection. The fear is just an anticipation of pain that your brain is trying to protect you from the potential rejection or whatever it is even though we know today. It’s irrational to listen fear has allowed us as human beings to survive over a thousand years.

Nothing bad is gonna happen and it’s not like you’re gonna die. These irrational fears are to keep you within your comfort zone the realm of what’s already familiar for you. This is because you’d already had it if there’s already within it and so it’s gonna require you to take a step over it you’re gonna have to cross that line and do things you wouldn’t normally do. You will be afraid of and the moment you take a step over that line outside your comfort zone. You’re gonna feel afraid and anxiety even nervous and that’s a good thing because that means that you’re growing. If it’s not uncomfortable, if you don’t have fear then it’s already within your comfort zone and so you should always be intentionally finding what scares you. By facing it and overcoming it because on the other side of fear is the person that you want to be and the life that you want. So how do you overcome fear? I’ll share with you a few ways as below.

Don’t wait, just do it now

One of the ways is to act in spite of the fear and do it anyways. Listen to the way you’re gonna conquer, this is you’ve got to do it now. The longer that you wait, the more you get an analysis paralysis that overthinks the worse things. It’s like you know jumping into a swimming pool off the high dive, you know the longer that you wait to procrastinate the worse that it gets versus when you just do it. This is because you don’t allow the fear to grow. You must learn to act in spite of fear and that’s a habit the more that you do it the better that you get you to know and the closer to success.

If you know that by doing this even though you’re afraid to do so but you know by doing if you’re gonna become a better person and you’re gonna grow whatever it might be then the chance of success will be higher. By doing it, no matter is a success or failure, you will gain experience and have the chance to learn from failure. If you don’t do it then you are admitting a limitation to yourself that’s actually cheating yourself and everyone that you love because you are not living your life to the fullest and being the best version of yourself and for other people as well. So you got to get in the habit of going for it. Don’t think too much! Just do it!

Transform the fear into confident

When you learn to use the fear to take the advantage, you should able to fuel you into action to doing what’s necessary to go forward a hundred percent. This is because listening to the fear that you might have of rejection and failure will not get you for a better life. Your life will still remain the same although you might hate it you can’t change anything if you let yourself to fear of it.

Say for examples, you terrified of working for someone else, not doing what you love, work for someone that you don’t want to work for, you terrified of one day potentially getting cancer or heart disease and therefore those fears serve you and empower you and fuel you to take action to change your life.

Seek for the help

Whenever you feel you’re alone and afraid, you should find a mentor or a support group to help you get through of it. Students have teachers, athletes have the trainers. Maybe when you’re in dilemma, and you don’t have any expertise in the area you are struggle for, friends might be able to provide you support and help you to get through of your fear.

Whenever you are facing some problems or dilemmas, the first thing must come to your mind is “How”. How do you gonna to solve the problems? When you are doing something that you have never been done before, you might feel afraid because you don’t know how to do it for the first time. When you started to think “How”, you are actually starting to find a solution to overcome the fear and solve the problem. Is there anyone else who has done this thing before? Or is there any proven blueprint for success? Follow others and find a recipe. Learn from the successful peoples such as finding a mentor for guiding you how to achieve success. Join the support group or sign up for some courses will also help you to get the ideas on how to solve the problems and improve yourself. When you know how to do a thing properly, you will not feel the fear again.

Making your own decision to overcome the fear

Go for it, face your fears and when you do it you know you’re gonna realize it wasn’t that bad. If you’re faced many of them, soon you will realize you should have done this way earlier on. So the way you overcome it, you get leverage on yourself realizing the consequence that you are not going for it. This will get you out of fear and get you taking action. If you guys enjoyed my article, please leave a comment below and share this article with others so they will be benefited.

Now it’s the time to show the fear who is the boss. Don’t allow the fear to grow, be confident in yourself!

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