How to pick the right keyword

How to pick the right keyword
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When every time we talked about PPC advertising, one of the common mistakes will make by someone is bidding too high for general or low quality keywords. For an example, those keywords such as dog, money, kindle, house and online business. These general keywords are too “general” and that is very ambiguous although it comes with high search volumes. Let say you have a “golf training” product that you are trying to promote it. The first question you might ask yourself is would someone type “golf” in the search engine for looking golf training course? The answer is obviously NOT. By using these general keywords for PPC advertising, the audiences are most likely not willing to make a purchase. Perhaps someone would be looking for some information on how to choose the best golf equipment. If you sell a drop shipping course, the chances are that you are not able to persuade your audience trying to make money with trading Forex to sign up your drop shipping course.

How To Pick The Right Keywords

How To Pick The “Right” Keywords

Where should I get started when searching for relevant keywords within any industry? You should ask yourself this question ” If someone would like to buy this kind of product, what are the keywords they will type in the search engine? ” Try to think about it the possibility which keywords are high probably will type in. Another way to do this is to get some advice from your family, friend or customer to get their opinion on what kind of keyword phrase they will type in the searcher. Say, for example, if someone was looking for Jaaxy, they could type in the product name “ Jaaxy” or some relevant keyword term. If they were looking for online courses to teach them how to do keyword research, they would probably search for “keyword research course”, “SEO course”, “keyword research tool“, “how to do keyword research” or ” keyword research tips”. If they want to make a purchase, most probably they will search for more specific keyword term.

Peoples are selling their products under keyword term “keyword research tool” or “SEO course”, but in fact these websites are probably not making much of profit. This is because the audience has no idea how to perform keyword research for internet marketing and they are likely wanted to learn more about it. In this case, the audience would probably perform a specific search for ” how to do keyword research” or ” best keyword research tool”. These specific keywords are the one you should included in your ads in order to display and not under a general keyword term.

A Thousand of peoples are facing some problems, and they want a solution to solve the problem. In this case, you should take advantage of this by fulfilling their request and help them to solve their problem. Usually peoples want to solve their problems within a shorter period such as within few hours, days, weeks or months. So this is very important if you could include some keywords such as ” How to lose weight within 3 weeks”, ” the Fastest way to get rid off pimples” and “How to improve your memory within a week”. You can apply this to every industry just providing them a solution to solve their problem.

Here are some keywords you can include to your keywords in order to create highly targeted keywords phrases:

Review, scam, tips, techniques, secrets, how to, cure, solution, treatment, solve, remove, get rid of, alleviate, instruction, information, guideline, faster, improve etc.

Picking the right and targeted keyword phrases is one of the essential part in successful keyword research for internet marketing. Choosing the most relevant keywords in order to target your marketing can be very time-consuming but it will definitely worth it.

If you have any question pertaining to keyword research, please do not hestitate to contact me or just leave your comments and/or questions below.

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