Free keyword research tool

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Are you looking for the most powerful keyword research tool for your marketing campaign? Do you want a keyword research tool that offering you 99% coverage from Google, Bing & Yahoo? Simply do a search below for your desired keywords.

TIPS for you: Here are some metrics you might need to take note when searching for a good quality keyword:

  1. AVG – The average search number per month for that keyword. This also indicate the number for traffic. The higher the number, the higher of the traffic. This will help a lot when you wish to drive tons of traffic to your site.
  2. Traffic – The number of the visit for your website if you achieve the first page ranking in search engine. Of course higher the traffic means you will have a chance to generate higher profit from your website.
  3. Quoted search result (QSR) – The number that will tell you the exact number of competing pages using under the same exact keyword term. Usually getting a QSR of less than 400 represent that you will have a good chance of getting ranked. The recommend ideal QSR is below 300.
  4. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – This will indicate how much quality you will receive for your chosen keyword. The KQI result with green colour is GREAT, yellow is NORMAL and red is POOR.
  5. SEO – A indicator show you how good is the keyword for getting SEO ranking based on competitor and traffic. It is ranging in between 1 -100. The higher the score the more likely you are able to rank on the first page of the search engine such as Google.